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Luen Hop Engineering & Enterprise Co. Ltd.,established in 1981, is a leading manufacturer of screen and pad printing machine in HK and China. Our mission is to provide customers the best quality products at reasonable price with first-class service. Besides screen and pad printing machines, we also offer a wide variety of accessories and equipment for screen and pad printing.


In every year, our 160,000 sq. ft. factory produces more than 3000 sets of screen and pad printing machines. Each machine undergoes rigorous quality control so you get 100% reliable product performance. We have also passed the ISO9001 certification in year 2000 with UL and RAB accreditation. This proves that our products meet international standards in every aspect.


Quality Control
All our machines are produced under a series of pre-defined procedures which guarantees standardization and stability. Materials and pneumatic parts are sourced from famous worldwide suppliers such as Germany's "Festo" and Japan's "SMC". QC jobs are integrated into every phase of production. Each worker will check the quality of works finished in earlier stages. After production, each machine is tested and inspected by experienced QC staff. More than 5,000 trial runs and a series of tests such as leveling tests, spraying tests and accuracy checks, etc. are conducted on every machine


Research & Development
Besides the endeavor to improve quality, we are also dedicated to develop new products. In our R&D department, advanced computer systems and designing tools are used. Our R&D staffs regularly search for new materials and parts for improving existing products and formulating new models. Moreover, regular discussions are held with customers to get their comments and opinions for continuous improvements of our products and services.
Indeed, your valued comments and opinions are our true assets. We welcome any suggestions or ideas. And we look forward to cooperating with you in the near future. Please visit our showroom to see more products.