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How to maintain the automatic screen printing machine?

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2019/10/14 12:00
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There are many places to pay attention to the daily use and maintenance of the screen printing machine. Improper use will shorten the life of the screen printing machine, so it requires proper daily maintenance and maintenance. Today, Xiaobian will give you a brief introduction to relevant knowledge:
First, the daily maintenance of the screen printing machine
1. The user should, at the request, perform at least one time on the screen printing machine and refuel once a week;
2. Regularly check the water in the filter cup of the screen printing machine, and drain the water once per shift. Avoid bringing water into the cylinder;
3. Regularly add lubricating oil to each lubrication point to ensure the normal operation of the screen printing machine equipment;
4. Before starting each machine, you must first understand the operating range of the machine, turn on the air source and power supply, and check the operation of the machine. The normal operation can be put into production and use;
5. The whole machine adopts full touch screen control. Because the touch screen is easily damaged, it is strictly prohibited to be hit or scratched by hard objects and sharp objects;
6, please try to keep the screen printing machine equipment clean, if there is dirt, please use a soft and clean dry cloth to wipe clean; if the dirt is difficult to remove, you can add a little neutral detergent to wipe, do not use alcohol or diluent to wipe ;
Second, the maintenance of screen printing machine:
1. Work, quantity, clamps, cutting tools, workpieces, raw materials, etc. cannot be placed on the screen printing machine equipment.
2. It should be ensured that there is no dust and dust on the joint between the movable guide surface and the guide surface of the screen printing machine, and there is no oil, no hair, scratches and the like.
3. Do not disassemble the touch screen without the guidance of a professional master, which is easy to damage the touch screen;
4. If the screen printing machine needs to be used for a long time, the screen printing machine should be wiped clean and placed in a cool, dry and ventilated environment; share the technology from Shijiazhuang Hosokawa.
5. When the screen printing machine malfunctions, immediately press the emergency stop switch and then turn off the main power supply, and notify the maintenance personnel;
6. In the daily maintenance of the screen printing machine, it is strictly forbidden to disassemble the parts. If there is any abnormality, stop immediately;
7. It is necessary to conduct regular surveys, accuracy checks, adjustments, and conduct fault analysis and condition monitoring on the equipment;
Through the above explanation, I hope to help you!
How to maintain the automatic screen printing machine?