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In August 2010, our company released new product DSEA8080

Release time:
2019/10/14 11:52
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1) Use
This machine is suitable for high-precision CCD image automatic alignment screen printing such as: cold light board, light guide board, diffuser board, touch panel, hard circuit board, etc.
2. Features
1) This machine adopts the concept of <automatic assembly line operation>, combined with the front and rear horizontal conveyors, which can reduce manpower and increase productivity of four-column automatic screen printing equipment.
2) The machine consists of the alignment section, the printing section and the returning section. The left and right running platforms are used to move the printed objects in series.
3) There is a feeding conveyor belt in the alignment section, and the material is sent to the alignment platform in the future. The initial positioning is pushed by the material, the limit position and the pushing material to push the printed object to the center of the positioning platform----the positioning is under the compression Pressing the object tightly----blocking material, limiting material, pushing material loosening-----2 sets of CCDs then picking up the Mark point (ie, hole position) image on the substrate and transferring the deviation of the calculated position to the control system -----UVW three-axis servo system will then move the alignment platform (even the printed objects on the platform) to the exact position, complete the alignment action----after completing the alignment action, the central running platform can be switched vacuum +2 clips to fix printed items ----- running table to bring the substrate to the printing section ---- before and after the printing section, the two printing presses are lowered to make the front and rear auxiliary limit of the printed object-----printing section starts Printing-----When the printing is completed, the printing platen rises, and the running platform is then started to return to the alignment section with a new material into the printing section. At the same time, the returning treadmill brings out the printed material to the returning section---- - sent by the return conveyor to the rear horizontal conveyor (optional).
4), print head: servo motor + reducer zero return (zero point adjustable) control, linear guide rail; double scraper printing mode, digital set print stroke; scraper pressure can be digital input or mechanical adjustment; scraper /The oil return knife can be used for height and inclination adjustment.
5), the screen version has off-grid function before and after, the use of low-speed cylinder + lever mechanical action, so that off-grid can achieve slow, stable requirements.
6), the screen can be adjusted for front, back, left and right, angle, the position display shows its adjustment distance.
7), the stencil lifting adopts Germany imported deceleration motor + double force chain four-column synchronous lifting, using the proximity switch to control its height position (printing position / median / washing position).
8) The returning section is equipped with a horizontal conveyor belt to take the treadmill into the printed object and bring it to the rear conveyor (furnished separately).
9), using Panasonic PLC programming, SMC pneumatic components control; operating interface using manual switch panel + GT30 color touch panel human-machine interface operation.
1. The CCD vision alignment system uses the microcomputer + advanced program to drive the UVW three-axis servo alignment system to make it accurate, accurate and stable.
2. The alignment operation interface adopts color LCD display + movable small mouse to make the setting of Mark point simple and fast;
3. The registration system has a memory storage function;
4. The self-learning function of the alignment system: after the camera is tilted or affected by bad factors such as vibration, there is no need to reset the Mark point, which greatly reduces the operation time and improves the operation efficiency.
11), the alignment accuracy ≤ ± 10um (depending on the environmental vibration, Mark point quality, light interference).
12), the average speed of the registration <1.5S (including the search for Mark points, alignment, inspection).
13), there are two modes of operation, manual mode and automatic mode, which can be freely selected.
14), with a misaligned screen version of the offset printing function.
15), equipped with other safety protection (alarm lights, fault diagnosis, automatic debugging system interlock circuit, safety light barrier, safety reset, emergency stop button, encoder and proximity switch double protection and other safety measures).
In August 2010, our company released new product DSEA8080