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LH-P4C Two color pad printing machine with open ink tray

Product Description

Designed in japan  assmbled in China. The machine finish is so nice that you cannot imagine it's assembled in China.
All parts are imported from worldwide best supplier.
Advanced microprocessor & computerized control system are adopred.
Multi-function program key is set for convenience of choosing printing program.
User-friendly designed contorl panel with built-in enlarged LED digital counter.
Ink roller system is adopted for easy clean up & installation.
Ink trays,worktable & pads are independently adjustable for easy color registration.
Protection covers are installed at two sides of the machine to ensure safety of user. When the protection cover is opened or unlocked,the machine will stop working.
Emergency stop installed  & foot switch installed inside foot guard for user protection.
Lamps & onstalled for printing & repairing so you can see better & clearer.
Head lifting feature is available for some models for easy setup.
Pneumatically driven.
Can be used for printing single color even on multi-color models.
Light-weight but strong aluminum cast machine frame.
Optional parts like:Programmble Logic(PLC) system,auto pad cleaning system,auto loading  & unloading system,are also available for your choice.




No.of color       4 color×16 pcs
Msx.plate size     150mm×100mm
Max.printing area      100mm×80mm
Max.work piece height    150mm
Max.speed     20 cycles per min.
Air pressure        0.45-0.60 Mpa/cm²
Power 110/220V 50/60Hz
Machine dimension         1080mm×1050mm×1330mm   
Net weight        145kg


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LH-P4C Two color pad printing machine with open ink tray