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DSB2-2045 automatic color Ribbon Screen Printing Machine

Product Description

*Suitable for printing on all kinds of textile ribbons like cotton webbing,silk or satin ribbons,shoeslaces,straps,lanyards...etc.
*Suitable for printing on plastic films in rolls.
*It can print simutaneously up to 7-15 ribbons in 2 colors,which largely increase your printing capacity.
*Printing quality is still high on rough surface or deep color fabrics.
*Programable PLC computer system is adopted.
*User frendly desighned touch screen monitor are installed.
*Accuracy of color registration is maintained within +-01.mm
*Sensor is installed in the machine to detect the ribbons.If the ribbon roll is finished,the machine will stop automatically.
*Glue system & vacuum function are availble on the pringing table to secure fixing of ribbons throughout the enrire printing cycle or intemittently.
*It is equipped with strong hot air dryers to ensure the colors printed are completely dried.
*Other sizes are available.



No.of color       2 color
Max.printing area      450mm×150mm
Max.printing speed     10-15 cycles/min
Max.screen size     680mm×300mm
Power consumption    30.4w
Air pressure        0.5-0.65 Mpa/cm²
Air consumption       59.6 L/min
Machine dimension         8859mm×720mm×1730mm   
Net weight        1741kg


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DSB2-2045 automatic color Ribbon Screen Printing Machine