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R160 monochrome semi-automatic screen printing machine

Product Description

T-Shirt Screen Printing Machine:
R-160 Textile Printer
The R160 textile printer is a solidly-built, fast and small screen printer for tagless garments, textile and promotional products. This semiautomatic 1-color t-shirt screen printing machine produces vibrant images of up to 4.75 by 7.75 inches. It addresses the challenge of printing the images that are too big for traditional pad printing equipment and enables better utilization of large textile screen printers, which are normally geared for larger images.


The R160 textile printer is also ideal for printing brilliant white and metallic colors on dark-colored textile, the kind of brilliant colors that are often a must for high-end garments.


This promo products and t-shirt screen printing machine has six sturdy pallets and a part detector to automatically prevent printing on an empty pallet ("no-part-no-print" feature). It is equipped with a dual high-output flash cure unit. The printing speed of the screen printing press is up to 1800 images per hour.


The R160 t-shirt screen printing machine is a self-contained machine that allows the rapid printing and curing of garments and promotional products in a single machine cycle eliminating multiple handling steps.


Screen Printing Press Applications
Textile Screen Printer:
garment neck labels (tags)



Promotional products with flat surfaces: •koozies
•mint tins


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R160 monochrome semi-automatic screen printing machine