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R-280 2-Color Screen Printer

Product Description

T-Shirt Printing Machine:
R-280 2-Color Screen Printer
The R280 is a heavy-duty 2-color textile screen printer for promotional products and garments. Based on the popular R160 design, this compact yet robust 2-color screen printer features 2 print heads, an 8-station tooling platform, 4 high-output flash curing units and the ability to print a maximum image size of 4.75" x 7.75". The R280 is the most rugged t-shirt printing machine on the market, built for high-volume industrial use.


Screen printing is 100% opaque! No longer worry about any transparency especially with white or metallic ink on dark substrates.


This t-shirt printing machine offers 8 adjustable pallets and a part sensor in order to automatically prevent printing on an empty pallet ("no-part-no-print" feature). It is equipped with quad high-output flash cure units. The printing speed of the textile screen printer is up to 2000 prints per hour.


 In a single machine cycle the R280 is capable of printing 2 colors while flash curing the ink on the parts. The R280 eliminates the need for extra equipment while cutting typical screen printing time in half! Automatic unload capabilities are also available!


2-Color Screen Printer  ApplicationsTextile Screen Printer:
garment neck labels (tags)



Promotional products with flat surfaces:
tote bags
insulated bags
drawstring backpacks
laptop bags
tablet sleeves
smartphone cases
can coolers
mint cards & tins


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