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HSM160 Multi-purpose hot stamping machine

Product Description


1 for flat, curved surface plastic products such as hot metal pattern.
(2) the installation of gear / inflatable seat, with different tooling can be adapted to different shapes of products hot cash.
3 solid electric plate for automatic temperature control (temperature -399 ℃ adjustable), different materials can be adapted to the temperature requirements.
4 hot pressing time controlled by time, the number of degree 0 ~ 6 seconds adjustable.
5 Data received by the drive motor speed adjustment, timer control with the data collection time (0 ~ 6 seconds adjustable) in order to fully utilize hot metal materials.
6 with manual, semi-automatic mode of operation of two types can be freely selected. (Manual: Click the switch, the machine carry out an action; semi-automatic: Press the start button or step on the foot button, the machine stops after the completion of a cycle of action).


Maximum diameter of stamping φ160mm 
Maximum stamping area (plane) 100mm×150mm 
Table adjustment Vertical: 80mm / horizontal: 150mm
Maximum speed stamping 8-12 pieces / minute
Maximum temperature 0-339℃
Equipped with power 22V Single-phase 50/60Hz 1600W
Equipped with pressure 0.5-0.65Mpa/cm²
Dimensions 860mm×720mm×1780mm 
Net weight 242kg


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